Is Climate Change real?

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    • Lucas Meier on August 23, 2019 at 2:28 pm
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    Hi there. I’m Lucas. I work with the Center for Biological Diversity. We’re part of the Last Chance Alliance, a coalition of over 650 progressive groups from across California. The Alliance’s purpose is to put pressure on Gov. Newsom to take more serious action on transitioning CA from fossil fuels in order to prevent the irreversible climate catastrophe that Trump is facilitating.

    I’ve been reaching out to Indivisible chapters inviting them to sign onto our letter to Newsom that we are sending out on 8/31. I didn’t see an email for your group listed on the main Indivisible website, so I am reaching out on here. Would you like some more information on the letter, our campaign, and its specific demands? It would be tremendously helpful to this critical cause if your chapter signed on. Thank you for your time on this and for the work you do. I look forward to speaking further.

    Link to letter:

    774 766 8719

    1. Thank you. We will be in touch.

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