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If you have an opinion, commentary or letter to the editor …

… send it to:

in the body of an email or as a Word.doc attachment, with Commentary or Letter to the Editor in the email subject line. Include a short description of yourself so readers can judge your qualifications.

Please note that Noozhawk does not take editorial positions or endorse political candidates or issues. Just because we’ve published an op/ed submission, doesn’t mean we agree with it; the opinions expressed in such commentaries are the writer’s own.

Keep in mind that Noozhawk is a hyperlocal news site, and we don’t much care for form letters that outline national or international grievances. We ask that you keep your opinions and information relevant to Santa Barbara County and the Central Coast. Letters about issues beyond our local region have the absolute lowest priority of everything we publish.

Meanwhile, anyone may comment on an article by following the instructions at the bottom of every story. Please be respectful. Just because speech is free doesn’t mean you should say anything you please.

Noozhawk reserves, at our sole discretion, the right to choose not to publish a submission.

As stated previously, we know you would never do such a thing but, by submitting any work to us, you warrant that the material is your original expression, free of 
plagiarism, and does not violate any copyright, proprietary contract or personal right of anyone else.

Noozhawk’s mailing address is P.O. Box 101, Santa Barbara, Calif. 93102, but we prefer that we be contacted by email. Noozhawk World Headquarters can be found at 1327-A State St., Santa Barbara 93101.



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