The nefarious legacy of Trump.



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2nd Impeachment trial of D. Trump

Video of the trial showing Capitol attack:           ———————- The U.S. Senate voted 57 to 43 not to convict D.J. Trump on February 13, 2021.        ———————- Considered “Trump guilty, but on a technicality” * that he himself (McConnell) created, Republican Mitch McConnell voted not to convict. Republican Senator Mitch McConnell refused …


On December 19, 2022, the January 6 House Committee voted unanimously to adopt its final report and refer former President Donald Trump for criminal prosecution. This is the first time in American history Congress recommended a criminal referral against a former U.S. president. The panel’s full report was released Wednesday, December 21,  2022  to the …

January 6, 2021 Committee recommends criminal charges for Trump Insurrection role

Final Report,   December 21, 2022:  Criminal Charges recommended by the Committee on December 21, 2022:   NEWS COVERAGE:  CBS News: Newsweek: Review of the hearings and discussions on C-SPAN:[]=112 Youtube recordings of the Congressional Investigating Committee of the January 6, 2021 Insurrection: Day …

Mueller Report

  To watch the video of the 10 counts of Obstruction of Justice in the Mueller Report read by Actors,  and additional information, Click HERE    

The Indictments


The Trump-Ukraine Inquiry Impeachment Report (PDF)

Click on the link to read the  “Impeachment Inquiry Report”:   Here is an article by the Washington Post that discusses the Impeachment process:

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