What is the Green New Deal?

What is the Green New Deal?

The Green New Deal is a stimulus package that would transform the U.S. economy to address both climate change and the growing economic inequality between working-class families and corporate executives and billionaires.

It’s name is a reference to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal social and economic reforms combined with public works projects to put people to work.

It “greenness” comes from combining ideas about renewable energy, resource conservation and other sustainable practices with Roosevelt’s approach to economic issues.

Here is the entire text of H. Res 109:

Note:  Santa Barbara County Supervisors have passed a county resolution to follow the GND.


S.B. County Supervisors approve Climate Change Proposal June 2019


The resolution uses as its guide two major reports issued last year by the United Nations and by federal scientists who warned that if global temperatures continue to rise, the world is headed for more intense heat waves, wildfires and droughts. The research shows that the United States economy could lose billions of dollars by the end of the century because of climate change. Currently, carbon emissions are rising, by 3.4 percent last year in the United States and by 2.7 percent globally, according to early estimates.

Supporters of the Green New Deal also believe that change can’t just be a technological feat, and say it must also tackle poverty, income inequality and racial discrimination.

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