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Club Officers

President: Elizabeth (Beth) Schneider

First Vice President: David Dennis

Recording Secretary: Sandy Boyd

Treasurer: Laura Selken

(Recent Past Presidents:   Connie Ford,  Vibiana Saavedra)

Standing Committees:

Candidates & Endorsements:  Lawanda Lyons-Pruitt

Community Outreach:  Sara Macdonald

Correspondence:  Wanda Givens-Lambert

Dem Caucus:  Kathleen Schartz

Headquarters: Lynn Young

Labor Liaison:  Steve Mathis

Legislation:  Carmen Rivera

Media Relations:  Laura Selken

Membership Coordinator:  Gwen Chavarria 

Newsletter:  Laura Selken

Precinct Organization:  David Dennis, Janice Bybee
Program Manager:  Sara Macdonald
Tabling Outreach:  Peter and Rosi Hill
Telephone:  Pam Paxton
Ways & Means:  Vibiana Saavedra                                                                                                                                                      
Website Administrator:  Laura Selken, Connie Ford, Ilene Pickle (also Facebook Connie Ford, Sara Macdonald, Laura Selken )                                              
DCSMV Representative to Santa Barbara County Democratic Central Committee:  Vibiana Saavedra        

Young Dems Chairperson:  Luz Maria Cabral


CA FPPC ID 1288725
Federal (FEC) ID COO447201


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