Democrat’s “Better Deal” for ALL Americans

Do you wonder what Democrats stand for and what we plan to do for America?  Well, here it is…Democrats “Better Deal” for ALL Americans

“America was a great force in the world, with immense power and prestige, long before we became a great military power. That power has come to us and we cannot renounce it, but neither can we afford to forget that the real constructive force in the world comes not from bombs but from imaginative ideas, warm sympathies, and a generous spirit.” — Senator Robert F. Kennedy, at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, April 24, 1968

#1 Equal Opportunity for ALL

Democrats believe in leveling the playing field so opportunities are open to everyone, not just the rich.  Government should invest in our people so all hard working Americans have a chance at the American Dream.  Great innovations can come from anyone.  Our policies that support this belief are:

• Invest in free public education, pre-school through college

• Invest in American infrastructure for good paying jobs throughout America

• Invest in renewable energy to create clean, American-based jobs

• Protect Americans’ rights to collective bargaining for better wages, better benefits and workplace safety

#2 Better Quality of Life for ALL Americans

Democrats believe that the richest nation on the planet should make every American’s life a better quality.  It is too hard today for too many just to get by.  Our policies that support this belief are:

• Universal Health Care (pre-natal through Hospice) – Medicare for ALL

• Universal Human Rights – freedom from oppression for ALL – NO exceptions

• Universal Worker’s Rights – living wage through retirement security (Social Security)

• Universal Safety – Clean water, clean air, safe food, safe medications and yes, gun safety

• International Diplomacy first, American defense to protect ALL Americans and war only as the last resort

#3 Reform to ensure our democracy for future generations

Democrats believe that we must constantly “perfect our union” to preserve our democracy for our kids and grandkids.  Our founding fathers established this capability with provisions like Constitutional Amendments, our Judicial system and our fundamental right to vote so we have government of, for and by the people.  Our policies that support this belief are:

• Get money out of politics by overturning the Supreme Court decision “Citizens United”.  Our elected representatives should not be beholding to anyone, but represent all of us.

• Continuous Civil and Criminal Justice Reform

• Return to a Progressive tax system, with no loopholes for the most wealthy, so we can INVEST in our Country and its people

• Universal voting so every citizen counts in our democracy

• Efficient & effective government with transparency, by people who value government’s purpose

• True Immigration Reform – a 21st Century plan for the “Land of Opportunity”

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