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2nd Impeachment trial of D. Trump

Video of the trial showing Capitol attack:           ———————- The U.S. Senate voted 57 to 43 not to convict D.J. Trump on February 13, 2021.        ———————- Considered “Trump guilty, but on a technicality” * that he himself (McConnell) created, Republican Mitch McConnell voted not to convict. Republican Senator Mitch McConnell refused …

Democrat’s “Better Deal” for ALL Americans

Do you wonder what Democrats stand for and what we plan to do for America?  Well, here it is…Democrats “Better Deal” for ALL Americans “America was a great force in the world, with immense power and prestige, long before we became a great military power. That power has come to us and we cannot renounce …



Is Climate Change real?

Mueller Report

  To watch the video of the 10 counts of Obstruction of Justice in the Mueller Report read by Actors,  and additional information, Click HERE    


If you suspect an oil leak or spillage, immediately report to the following: State Warning Center 1-800-424-8802. Then notify the Santa Barbara Channelkeeper 805-563-3377. If an emergency,  contact 911.

S.B. County Youth Resource Guide, Other 2-1-1 County Services

Our Democratic Club supports family and youth support and guidance organizations. Santa Barbara Youth Help Resource website: CLICK:  Here Other Santa Barbara County 2-1-1 Health and Human Services Helplines: 2-1-1 is an easy to remember Health and Human Service phone number connecting you to resources, which are tailored to your needs and circumstances. We take …

The Trump-Ukraine Inquiry Impeachment Report (PDF)

Click on the link to read the  “Impeachment Inquiry Report”:   Here is an article by the Washington Post that discusses the Impeachment process:

U.S. Government Websites

Voting Rights Act of 1965

  Explore our History, Art, and Archives. Click  HERE  

What is the Green New Deal?

What is the Green New Deal? The Green New Deal is a stimulus package that would transform the U.S. economy to address both climate change and the growing economic inequality between working-class families and corporate executives and billionaires. It’s name is a reference to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal social and economic reforms combined …

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