9b – Letter from DCSMV President, Beth Schneider/Jan 6, 2021

A letter from Beth Schneider, President of the Democratic Club of Santa Maria Valley:

January 6, 2021

I never thought I would see anything like what happened on January 6th in the United States. But I guess anything is possible with Trump as president. He should be removed from office immediately before he incites more riots or other horrible things. I don’t believe he has done all the damage he intends to do before he leaves office. He has lied to the public every day since he announced he was running for office starting with the birther lies about President Obama, so it’s not surprising that he would lie about the results of the November election. Trump can’t stand being seen as a loser or weak and will do anything to avoid that. From what I’ve read, we can thank his father, Fred, for that defect – along with many others.

Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ve heard the last from Trump and his minions before President-Elect Biden’s inauguration next week. There will be more calls for violence and I fear for the safety of Biden. With all the wacky and dangerous right wing media sites where Trump spews his lies and hate-filled speech, who knows what will happen before next week. Trump should be charged with insurrection for fomenting the January 6th riots when he urged his followers to follow him to the Capitol and fight for his election. He also shouldn’t be allowed to pardon himself.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done to heal our great country. Getting rid of Trump is the first step. We must make sure that he doesn’t run for office again in the future. Permanently shutting down his social media accounts will severely curtail his ability to spread more of his lies to his millions of followers. (How could so many people believe the lies that he tells?) What happened to common sense? Let’s hope that January 20th will be a peaceful, beautiful day for our new President.

– Beth Schneider


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