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Trump ignores the world, withdraws the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement

The main goal of the Paris deal was to limit global temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius. Beyond that point, scientists worry that catastrophic impacts of warming become irreversible. Trump at the White House:   INDIVISIBLE.  WHAT YOU CAN DO NEXT. Trump Against the Planet: Defending the Climate with Local Action

CA DEM Convention 2017 Resolutions

Adopted by the California Democratic Party At its 2017 Statewide Convention Sacramento Convention Center MAY 21, 2017In Support of Abolishing the Doctrines of “Corporate Constitutional Rights” and “Money Equals Political Speech” MAY 21, 2017Resolution Opposing Trump Plan for California Offshore Drilling MAY 21, 2017Resolution for a State Boycott of Koch Products MAY 21, 2017Kids …

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Another bill, H.R. 1180 that erodes work-life balance for women.

Congress is considering the deceptively-named Working Families Flexibility Act (H.R. 1180/S. 801), which would erode longstanding overtime protections and create a “comp time” law that would offer hardworking people a false choice between time off and money in their paychecks. Access to a high standard of benefits and policies that promote work-life balance, which are …

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217 Republican U.S. House of Representatives voted Yes to gut health care for millions.

Here are the names of all of the Republicans who voted Yes on May 4, 2017. (Click on image to enlarge.) Action #1.  Call Toll free 1-844-241-1141 (a number that will randomly make the selection of who receives the call) and tell them that you:  “will be funding their opponent in their next re-election.  It’s …

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Santa Maria City Community public TV station may lose funding. (See our Sign Petitions to help)

  Santa Maria….USE IT OR LOSE IT!!     It’s OUR community channel available at minimal cost.  The studio is the only one of its kind in northern Santa Barbara County. It’s in the hands of the Santa Maria City Council and the Supervisors of Santa Barbara County to keep or discontinue this community benefit!! Professional equipment …

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Santa Maria Airport. To expand or stay the same?

  SANTA MARIA AIRPORT: What will be the future for the Santa Maria airport for the next 20 years? Question:  Will our airport be critical to attracting businesses, and jobs, to our area? The Santa Maria Airport District Board of Directors, composed of 5 elected officials, will hold a public workshop, the fifth out of …

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The Democratic Party wants YOU to run for political office.

WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER! LEAVE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION ON OUR POST OR A PHONE MESSAGE AT (805) 349-2708, or email at, attention Connie Ford.  If you think the country is headed in the wrong direction, and you are willing to get involved as a game changer, then now is the time to come forward …

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Santa Barbara County law enforcement officials do not plan on cooperating with I.C.E.

Article on March 7, 2017: Santa Maria Times – Santa Barbara County law enforcement officials do not plan on cooperating with I.C.E.


  DEMOCRATIC CLUB OF SANTA MARIA VALLEY: Website: Democratic Headquarters,327 East Plaza Drive, Suite 2, Santa Maria, CA 93454 Phone: 805-349-2708; (Call for office hours) Leave phone messages. Facebook: Democratic Club of Santa Maria Valley NOTICE:  THE SANTA MARIA ELECTIONS OFFICE #134 WILL BE CLOSED IN 2017. Voter registration forms may be found at: SANTA …

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Automatic Voter Registration

AUTOMATIC VOTER REGISTRATION FOR ALL CALIFORNIA CITIZENS WHO GET OR RENEW A CALIFORNIA DRIVERS LICENSE.  On Saturday, October 10, 2015 Governor Jerry Brown signed into law measures which will eventually make voter registration automatic for ALL California citizens who get or renew a California drivers license. The bill was a priority of newly elected Secretary …

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