California Certified Final Results for Nov 8, 2022 Mid Term Election

California Certified Election Results of Mid Term Election November 8, 2022:
(Begin on page 21 for individual candidates vote count.)


The CA Secretary of State will certify the results for all CA counties on December 16, 2022.

County elections officials must complete final official results by December 8, 2022.




Note:  Not all votes are conclusive on the preliminary results.

Second update to Preliminary Results in Santa Barbara County as of Nov. 18, 2022:

First Preliminary Results in Santa Barbara County as of Nov. 9, 2022:


Why aren’t all of the ballots processed at the same time?  Visit the SB County Election link for an explanation:

What is a Provisional Ballot?:  Provisional ballots ensure that voters are not excluded from the voting process due to an administrative error. They provide a fail-safe mechanism for voters who arrive at the polls on Election Day and whose eligibility to vote is uncertain.  If their eligibility cannot be established, the ballot will not be counted.

When there is uncertainty about a voter’s eligibility—the potential voter’s name is not on the voter rolls, a required identification document isn’t available or another issue arises—the election official is required to offer the voter a provisional ballot instead of a regular ballot. Standards for handling provisional ballots are determined by state law.  Voters often need to be their own biggest advocate when it comes to provisional ballots — following up with local elected officials to confirm they have looked into their qualifications and have counted their vote.  There is an option in California to be notified when your vote is received and counted by the elections office.   It can be requested on the registration form or online.  Online:

In nearly all of the states, after being cast, the provisional ballot is kept separate from other ballots until after the election. A determination is then made as to whether the voter was eligible to vote, and therefore whether the ballot is to be counted. Generally, a board of elections or local election officials will investigate the provisional ballots within days of the election. If their eligibility cannot be established, the ballot will not be counted.  Since this is an additional administrative step, a large number of provisional ballots can increase costs for jurisdictions.

Follow the Election Results on the Santa Barbara County Elections website

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