SAVE OUR PLANET! Santa Maria Valley Global Climate demonstration, 110 E. Cook St, 93454.

Santa Maria students and supportive adults rallied and marched down S. Broadway on Friday, September 27th along with millions of other demonstrators around the world last week to demand action, not resistance, by lawmakers to address the dangerous levels of greenhouse gases that are contributing to climate change.  With bilingual interpretation, speakers included several members of the community, students, renowned scientist James Lawrence Powell,  Santa Barbara County Supervisor Joan Hartmann, and staff member Wendy Motta from Congressman Salud Carbajal’s office.  Local concerns about drilling in Cat Canyon over Santa Maria’s water aquifers, and the lack of renewable energy were among the issues discussed.  Students vowed to continue the pressure on lawmakers to act or face electoral consequences in 2020.  

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Speakers and then a march.  Concerned residents of Santa Maria Valley are asking elected representatives to stop fossil fuel development, especially in Cat Canyon where drilling could affect the water supply for over 200,000 residents, and to incentivize industry to develop renewable energy.

 Over 800 U. S. cities, including several cities in Santa Barbara County and San Luis Obispo County, and 3500 cities internationally, are participating in demonstrations to demand that laws be enacted to immediately prioritize and address global warming.

Climate change is the biggest threat to the safety of our food, water, and communities. We deserve climate legislation that puts an end to fossil fuel destruction. It’s time for our lawmakers to give us a Real Green New Deal. Climate legislation needs to include an immediate fossil fuel phase-out, a halt to leading of federal lands for fossil fuel production, and an end to the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure.Speakers

Please join the Food and Water Watch grassroots demonstration in Santa Maria on Friday, September 27th, 6 pm-7:30 pm, in front of the Santa Maria City Hall at 110 E. Cook St, 93454. 

Bring your ideas and join the movement to SAVE OUR PLANET!!

Speakers 6 pm – 6:30pm, then a  march along S. Broadway to Main Street.

Speakers: James Lawrence Powell, renowned scientist and author


                    Joan Hartmann, Santa Barbara County Supervisor, 3rd District


                    Wendy Motta, staff member office of Salud Carbajal, U.S.

                   Congressman, 24th District



What is the NEW GREEN DEAL?


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